With his gifts of teaching, singing/worship and leading Gerard shares the word around the world. He enjoys serving others so that they come to know the Lord as well as grow into their full potential.


By using various media tools like music, books, radio and of course social media to mention a few, Gerard encourages, inspires, trains and gives people hope and direction life.


Gerard is present in spaces of traditional commerce and E-commerce. He uses business and it’s networks to cultivate productive relationships for success and service to others.

God Multiplies What We Give

Dr. Gerard Ruff is an preacher, author, entrepreneur, international/national speaker, business representative, gospel psalmist/vocalist/songwriter, talk show and radio personality, leadership trainer, mentor and coach. Gerard focuses on improving people’s lives through professional development, personal and spiritual effectiveness. He has influenced and supported the success of thousands of professionals and individuals from a wide range of industries and walks of life around the globe. He masterfully shifts the way you think about your life or role and delivers the uncommon sense that will maximize your lifestyle, influence, impact and success.

Sermons for Your Soul

With a fresh and relevant view of the issues of the world Dr. Ruff fashions his approach to preaching to reach people in a practical way. No matter the culture or ages of his listeners he touches the points that transcends any differences helping them to overcome challenges and to reach the place of a fulfilled life.

Let’s Do

It God’s Way

Speaker: Dr. Gerard Ruff


Date: January 3 2018, 11:00 am  

Location: Local Church 233 Main St.

Helping people to have more, live more and give more is how I make a difference. Come enjoy my ministry and praise God with me at the date listed above. I will be there with open arms along with many other loving believers; whether it’s your first time in church or your 50th, praising God always brings joy!!